Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Sometimes, the smallest of tasks can make a person feel so overwhelmed.

Then you start to think why?? Why the fudgepop am I feeling overwhelmed?

This happened to me today. And I tried to pinpoint the exact thought that made me feel crappy after presented with a task. And the emotion that started it all was DOUBT.

The more I think of it the more I see that from this doubt stems fear; fear of what people might think, fear of failure, fear of just not doing it well enough. Frackin fear. And that fear makes my heart beat faster and just makes my whole positive thinking or motivation plummet.

The scenario.

You find out you have a task or assignment to do and the first thing that pops in your mind is, "Wait. Can I do this?" or some version of that one line. So, immediately you doubt yourself and your abilities. Then you add onto that doubt, turning that question into a statement. "I can't do this." Then, you just don't want to do it in fears of failure. But wait. You HAVE to do this certain task. Enter feeling incredibly overwhelmed. You have now turned a task that may not have even taken that much time to complete in a daunting, forever lasting task. And with all this doubt and fear, even when you complete the task, you don't feel that great. You don't feel confident about it because you have already instilled it in your brain, "I can't do this." You start feeling anxious, depressed, even angry. You sit there doing nothing worthwhile and time isn't pausing for you to 'get over it.'


You find out you have a task or assignment to do and the first thing that pops in your mind is, "Hellz yeah! This is all I have to do??" or some version of that line. So, immediately, you go get yourself a snacky and start planning and doing this task or assignment. Then you add onto that positive thought, turning it into a statement. "I am a success! The only way to move forward is to keep moving!" Then you just want to finish it so you can get on with your awesome life. You have now turned a task that may be a hard task into something you can accomplish and demolish! And with all this confidence, when you complete the task you feel great knowing that the outcome of it is EXACTLY what it supposed to be, whether it be a 'failure' or 'success.' You feel confident that it will turn out the way it supposed to because you have already instilled the thought in your mind, "I am a success!" You start feeling happy, confident, strong, and positive. You sit there demolishing that task piece by piece and time is fulfilled leaving more time for you to play later :)


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