Monday, 22 October 2012

Bipolar on Vacation.

Well away from paradise now. And vacations do have an effect on emotions I must say. I believe it is mainly because I am around a lot more people and doing a lot more activities. A LOT! It can only be described as all my senses being overstimulated.

I am very proud of myself though. There were definitely some mood dips but they never lasted too long.

Here's my advice on vacation and bipolar. Be sure that you will be able to take breaks. Make sure that there will be times when you can be alone and just breathe for a minute or two. I don't think I really did this. I had absolute full days and by the 2 last days I was so exhausted. I was angry and slightly depressed and there was not much reason to be.

I have to apologize if there are any ridiculous grammatical errors in this post. I am typing it on my iPod. Which I don't really like. So much more to come on bipolar on vacation. But I just wanted to check in for a bit.

So that's all for now. When I get access to a computer I will edit this and write more. Lol.

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